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4 Victories of  Yemmak

Yemmak, as one of the leading machinery manufacturer in Turkey, continue to achieve remarkable success both domestically and internationally.

The latest endeavors involve overseeing the establishment of four new plants for different cat and dog food producers across Turkey. These pet food plants are meticulously designed to commence production in 2023, and they proudly bear the Yemmak signature. Collectively, these pet food plants have a total production capacity of 30 t/h.

Maya Family Pet has entrusted Yemmak with the construction of a plant in Kırklareli (Thrace region Turkey), boasting a capacity of 10 t/h. Likewise, Hektaş, a prominent player in the industry, has selected Yemmak to implement a 10 t/h facility for their plant in Kızıksa (Marmara region Turkey).

Additionally, Petiva and Troya Pet companies have successfully realized their vision by establishing 5 t/h capacity factories, benefitting from Yemmak’s extensive 55 years of process engineering expertise.


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