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Famsun’s petfood webinar on growing business

Famsun’s petfood webinar on growing business

The petfood market is experiencing the fastest growth ever as the result of increased pet adoption during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many people have turned to their dogs and cats for companionship during the pandemic and see their pets as critical family members. The trend grows everywhere around the world, from the developed western countries to the emerging and developing countries such as China, Turkey, South Africa, Brazil, etc.

As pet owners spend more time at home, they care more about their pets’ health and the food they eat. Instead of feeding them with byproducts and parts of animals that humans do not eat, pet owners increasingly prefer buying high-quality and differentiated food to improve pet nutrition, health, and wellbeing.

Trending products are petfoods that contain a higher portion of quality meat, and innovative products that can solve allergies, picky eating habits, dietary issues. Consumer demand trends create new opportunities for industry players and new investors to innovate, diversify, improve or expand their productions for growth and development. 

Although the petfood industry is booming, there are serious issues that petfood producers have to face in the new normal of post-pandemic. The industry is at the risk of severe material and labor shortages as supply chain disruption worse. Production cost inflationary pressure surges with input prices rising amid the historically high energy and raw material costs.

In this context and backed by its global R&D Institutes, petfood business experts and sales & service teams from different regions of the world, Famsun held a webinar on petfood solutions at UTC+8:00 of September 30, 2021, and provided the latest insights, new research progress, and improved production practices to support customers grow business in headwinds. Three keynote speakers go straight to the topics that petfood processors are interested in most. 

Reducing wastes are the most possible pointcuts to cut costs and improve profitability in a factory. Barry Howard, Vice President of Famsun USA Design & Engineering, has over 36 years of experience in petfood factory solutions, focused on Insights on Lean Manufacturing, Lean Factory Layout and Biosecurity. He identified eight deadly wastes generated from transport, inventory, motion, waiting, overproduction, overprocessing, defects, and skills in a factory, and the solution to eliminate these wastes with lean tools.

In terms of food safety in petfood, site, process design, factory design & layout are parts of the key elements in manufacturing safe foods. Barry also introduced how Famsun’s biosecurity factory solution controls the movements of people, equipment, materials, air, and moisture or condensation in the factory. With the latest zoning design concept, it is possible to prevent recontamination and ensure food safety in petfood.  

The topic Extruded Pet Food Processing Technology brought by Robert Strathman, President of Famsun USA Design & Engineering focused on knowledge and research progress on pet food processing technologies and the data of best production practices. Pet food product & process fundamentals such as bulk density, starch gelatinization, palatability, kibble durability, aesthetics, and shelf life were talked about most in his presentation. In dry petfood processing technology, he focused on pre-conditioning and extruder processes.

High meat petfood is the trending product currently. Robert introduced the most efficient processing technology of high meat petfood, the challenges in processing, and the impact of meat inclusion on production performance

The coating is an indispensable process in petfood production. It allows producers to diversify their products and provide a nutritional, functional, and differentiated experience for pets. Jimmy Wang, an expert of Famsun Asia R&D Institute, introduced Famsun’s CYPZ Vacuum Coating Equipment – the company’s latest coater that specialized in adding value for pet food products. The machine is featured by consistent and efficient coating and high hygienic standards to produce high quality and food safety. Its successful application stories include the coating production in pet food factories of Japfa, Pure&Natural, FullPET, etc.   

Over 70 registers from Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia participated in the interaction sesión online. They discussed with Famsun experts the actual production issues and were well answered. If you have missed the webinar on September 30, you can contact the Famsun account manager in your region for the rebroadcast link of this webinar. You are also welcome to follow us in the coming Famsun Pet Food Solution webinar series, which Famsun plans to host for the convenience of customers in different regions with updated topics and information. Welcome to join us.

For more information visit Famsun’s website, HERE.


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