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Four ideas on keeping cats busy

Felines, especially the smallest ones, have great energy and need to exercise their predatory instincts. How to entertain you and avoid harmful behaviors.

“Although our cats no longer need to hunt to eat, they retain the need to pounce on objects and play,” experts say.

A bored cat is a destructive cat, so it is necessary to have different options to entertain a cat at home. Felines remain in their homes and, unlike dogs, require greater imagination on the part of their owners so that they do not get bored and cause damage to the home.

Playing with them will be a very beneficial activity, not only for adults and children, but for the pets themselves, since by playing with the cat the mental health of the animal is taken care of and the emotional ties with it are strengthened.

“The games with the cat are important to provide the feline the stimulating environment that he needs to stay healthy and happy,” indicated a study on feline behavior carried out by the University of Tufts, in Massachusetts, USA.

The ancestors of the urban cat needed to hunt insects, birds, mice, and other small mammals to survive. “A wild cat can hunt between 10 and 20 small prey a day,” explains scientists from the University of Ohio, USA, who carried out research on the importance of play for cats. These wild cats are prepared to pounce on any possible prey as soon as they detect it. “Although our cats no longer need to hunt to eat, they retain the need to pounce on objects and play,” say these experts. Therefore, they explained, games are a basic need, which keeps the furry friend happy and motivated. Playing with the cat also helps its owner to bond with his pet, in addition to helping him smile more and be happier.

Depending on the type of game, toy or activity and the interaction that the activity needs, the time that must be dedicated will be. If he gets bored easily, it is because he did not find the game attractive. There are many elements to entertain cats, from toys to food, but the best way to do it is by playing with them.

Cats are a lot of fun, but depending on their personality they can be troublesome. Especially puppies and even adults are full of energy and eager to practice their predatory behavior all day and sometimes at night as well. Without a plan that allows coexistence, this could mean that the hands and feet of the closest humans will become prey. Therefore, directing this energy and practicing predation through acceptable channels is the key to a positive and long-lasting relationship with a cat in the home.

Tips to get feline energies back on track

1 – Play with him twice a day for five to 15 minutes

Specialists recommend that direct contact with the body is not part of the game. Cats need the consistent message that the body is not to sink its teeth or claws. Toys should be used to recreate the chase a cat needs to do. It is best to use something light, such as a crumpled piece of paper, or a fishing pole as a ‘mouse’. It is good to start with the toy near the cat and then remove it. Cats are innately attracted to short, quick movements away from their body. You need to be careful of hair ties, bows and laces that turn into dangerous intestinal obstructions if accidentally eaten. Always end the play session by letting the kitten catch its prey and then give it a treat. Cats need to complete the hunt-catch-play-eat cycle to relax and know that playtime is over. Otherwise, they will be frustrated.

Another fun way to play is to distribute several boxes of different sizes around the room. Cereal boxes, shoe boxes and even some larger ones can be used. Now, it only remains to hide an edible prize in them and invite the cat to find it.

Another fun alternative to cat play is to put this paper bag inside a cardboard box. The cat will be able to jump into the box and out during the game.

2 – You have to provide the cat with places to explore, climb and hide in its environment

To attract them, put treats in various places. This will help them establish a routine of going where you want them to rest and relax.

Cats’ fondness for shelters, such as boxes, closet interiors, among others, can come in handy to create a great and fun game; Since cats love boxes, you can spread some around the room and hide edible treats inside. The intelligent feline will not take long to recognize the pattern of his play if, upon finding him, his owner offers him an affectionate hug and shows him his joy.

3 – Two cats

The advantage of having two cats at home is that they can play together is the best way to keep them busy and happy. It should be taken into account that incorporating a new cat into the home where there is already another feline is a complicated task, although not impossible. The simplest thing will be to raise two kittens together, it is the best way for several cats to live in harmony.

4 – Never miss the opportunity to recreate the hunt

Food in a bowl is a missed opportunity. Divide the food for the day into many small portions and use hunting feeders to hide their food around the house and puzzle feeders to keep them busy. Save half of the day’s food to hide overnight; in this way they can hunt and their owner sleep.



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