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Leap Venture Studio includes three pet nutrition companies for their 2022 start-up accelerator

Leap Venture Studio includes three pet nutrition companies for their 2022 start-up accelerator
Image Credit: Pictures of Money on Flickr
Image Credit: Pictures of Money on Flickr
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Three pet nutrition companies have been selected for the Leap Venture Studio European programme. The 2022 pet start-up accelerator has selected seven companies overall, including three pet nutrition companies: Marleybones, People who Kaer, and Petty Well.

The programme, conducted by Leap, is in partnership with Mars Petcare (the largest pet care organisation in the world), Michelson Found Animals (leading animal welfare organisation), and R/GA Ventures (services platform). The start-ups will participate in a 12-week programme from September 26th to December 15th (a hybrid of online and in-person in London).

The companies are specifically chosen to be driving innovation in sustainability, as well as solutions for senior pet care, digitalisation of pet care, pet mental health, pet health care, and premium nutrition in the European market. Leap Venture Studio has already supported over 30 seed-stage companies since 2018.

During the programme, the Leap Venture Studio team will support the companies in achieving their milestones, through the help of business strategists, technologists, designers, and consultants. The start-up founders will receive $200,000 as well as mentorship and support to gain future fundraising. The programme culminates in a ‘demo day’, where founders will pitch their startups to investors from Mars, Michelson Found Animals, and R/GA.

One of the three pet nutrition start-ups is Marleybones, a subscription service that offers customisable and sustainable dog food. At Marleybones, dog food can be customised based on dogs’ age, weight, activity level, body condition, and amount of treats given. There are multiple protein options and food topper options that target specific health concerns.

The next pet nutrition start-up is German-based People who Kaer, which offers supplements for specific dog health conditions. The conditions include joint, immune, skin and coat health, and the use of ingredients such as collagen, biotin, probiotics, and more. 

Paris-based start-up, Patty Well, offers natural formulated dog and cat pet meals on subscription. These meals are made based on pets’ age, eights, allergies, and specific needs. They are also gluten-free and grain-free. 

Since pet ownership is continuously growing there has been a shift to a bigger emphasis on higher-quality ingredients for pet food. The Leap Venture Studio is designed to assist in meaningful growth by combining start-ups with a useful network and the resources they need, and are driven by their commitment to improving the lives of pets through science, technology, and innovation.

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