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Momentum Carnivore Nutrition launches momentous rebrand 

Momentum Carnivore Nutrition launches momentous rebrand 
Image Credit: Momentum
Image Credit: Momentum

Momentum Carnivore Nutrition LLC announced the launch of its new branding. The new branding is based on a yearlong marketing effort to develop the company’s positioning, logo, packaging, and website.

Its new look is an evolution over the company’s 12 years of making high-quality, single-ingredient freeze-dried treats and toppers. From simple hand-written Avery labels to stand-up releasable pouches with card stock inserts, the company’s image and messaging have come a long way. Its desire to provide proper, attainable nutrition has not changed.

“We always focused on our high-quality ingredients that provide nutrition for pets that’s biologically appropriate and convenient to implement,” says Toni Maretti-Wolter, Momentum Carnivore Nutrition’s owner. “It was time to match the product quality with our brand and messaging. We fuel the momentous moments in a pet’s life and everything in between.”

Momentum Carnivore Nutrition’s bright, new brand look encompasses the momentous moments between pets and pet parents and the nutritional journey pet parents provide. Momentum makes great pet nutrition easy to implement. Its new treats and toppers packaging uses 50 percent less plastic and highlights its products’ core benefits like having no artificial flavours and fillers, being GMO, hormone and antibiotic free, and being grain and gluten free.

The Momentum Carnivore Nutrition product line is made of up 27 SKUs. It includes 14 dog treats, four cat treats, six single-ingredient toppers, and three functional superfood toppers. Momentum’s Meal Bars will be rebranded in 2023.

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