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ORIJEN® launches ORIJEN AMAZING GRAINS™ Premium Dog Food

ORIJEN® launches ORIJEN AMAZING GRAINS™ Premium Dog Food
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The team behind ORIJEN® petfood has announced the introduction of ORIJEN AMAZING GRAINS™ premium dog food. Now, the premium dry food dog owners count on for quality protein also delivers a special blend of grains, including oats, quinoa and chia sourced from non-GMO crops. These whole grains are a source of essential vitamins, minerals, b-glucans, and fibre.

The premium grain lineup packed with animal ingredients makes the grain-inclusive dry dog food Biologically Appropriate, meaning it mirrors the quantity, freshness and variety of animal ingredients dogs are evolved to eat. At 38 percent protein, it boasts one of the highest percentages of protein in a grain-inclusive food, and approximately 90 percent of that protein is delivered from animal ingredients.

Like other Orijen diets, the first five ingredients are always fresh or raw animal protein – the fresh ingredients use refrigeration as the sole method of preservation and the raw ingredients are frozen at their peak freshness. Orijen diets also offer WholePrey ingredients, meaning they incorporate meat, organs and bone from meat, poultry and fish to reflect a dog’s natural diet.

The scientifically-tested and validated ORIJEN AMAZING GRAINS premium dog food diets have prebiotics, probiotics, and soluble and insoluble fibre to help support digestion. Additionally, the food also helps to support key health benefits, like immune function and healthy skin and coat through Omega-3 rich oil from wild-caught pollock. Because of its concentration of animal ingredients, ORIJEN AMAZING GRAINS kibble also helps to support dogs’ muscle maintenance.

ORIJEN AMAZING GRAINS dog food makes its debut with five recipes dogs love:
– Original
– Puppy
– Puppy Large

Puppy Large is formulated for large-breed puppies that benefit from a different ratio of calcium to phosphorus that promotes slow and steady growth in bones and joints. All five recipes are available in 22.5lb bags, and all but Puppy Large are available in 4lb bags.

Starting this month, ORIJEN AMAZING GRAINS premium dog food will be available at Petco, Amazon, Chewy and neighbourhood pet stores.

“Plenty of grain-inclusive dog food options available on the market now will make your dog feel full, but ORIJEN AMAZING GRAINS premium dog food will truly nourish your dog with high-quality animal protein and grains,” says Kelsey Spencer, brand manager, Orijen Dog at Champion Petfoods. “Pet lovers know their companions deserve the food that’s best suited to help them live long, healthy, active lives.”

To celebrate the debut of ORIJEN AMAZING GRAINS dog food, the Orijen petfood team launched the Orijen Amazing Challenge – an initiative aimed at inspiring pet parents to fuel their dogs with nutritious food and be active together.

The initiative includes activity ideas for dog owners everywhere to get outside and share in a month-long “adventure” with their pup, a collaboration with Shawn Booth, reality TV personality, fitness trainer and dog parent, and a sweepstakes in which one lucky winner will receive $10,000 to go on an adventure with their dog.

“As a fitness trainer, I know healthy living counts from the very start,” said Shawn Booth. “I trust ORIJEN AMAZING GRAINS™ premium dog food to nourish my dog Walter’s body the way nature intended, so he can be at his best for years to come. From camping and enjoying nature to outdoor training, Walter and I enjoy going on adventures together, and eating the right mix of high-quality grains and protein helps us stay healthy and active.”

For more information on Orijen visit their website, HERE.



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