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PEGASUS® 5-IN-1 MIXER by Dinnissen

The Pegasus® 5-in-1 Mixer is a true multiprocessing machine. It allows you to mix, vacuum coat, dry, germinate and acidify your product. The mixer produces flavored products with a high hygiene requirement and a fresh-sour taste sensation, such as tea, cereals, (crispy) sweets, and snacks. In sectors such as the food industry, there is an increasing need for multiprocessing machines. Production must become ever faster and more efficient, to produce the best possible product using the least number of materials and resources possible.

By combining several process steps in one machine, the Pegasus® 5-in-1 mixer saves on both cost and energy. The dual axis mixing mechanism airily tosses powders, pellets and granules during mixing. Then the finely atomized liquid particles mix homogeneously with the dry raw materials. The 5-in-1 mixer can also dry, germinate and acidify the product. No transport is needed between the different process steps, saving time and manpower.

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