Friday, June 9, 2023
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UK to tackle Salmonella risks in raw petfood


The UK Food Safety Research Network, hosted by Quadram Institute, has announced that six food safety projects will receive between £30,000 to £62,000 (roughly $36,544 USD to $73,089 USD) in funds. One of the projects aims to improve food safety of raw petfood formulas.

All six projects involve academic researchers collaborating with commercial companies and/or government agencies within the human and petfood sectors to establish solutions to common food safety issues.

The raw petfood project involves using bacteriophages to help decrease Salmonella contamination in raw petfood products. According to the Quadram Institute, raw petfoods are growing in popularity throughout the United Kingdom as pet parents seek non-processed diets to improve their pets’ health. However, raw petfoods can carry higher risk of contamination compared to their cooked counterparts.

For more information visit the website, HERE.



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