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Vital Essentials Launches Rebrand of its Butcher Cut Protein Freeze-Dried Raw Pet Food

June 29, 2023 – New branding and packaging signal premium quality to uncompromising pet owners looking for the protein pets need.

Vital Essentials, the flagship brand of Carnivore Meat Company, has unleashed a rebrand to better communicate its point of difference to uncompromising pet owners: premium quality butcher cut protein for the health benefits dogs and cats deserve. With the launch of the revitalised brand and packaging, Vital Essentials aims to bring a “butcher shop” experience to pet shops across the nation.

Vital Essentials has been a pioneer in freeze-dried and frozen raw pet food since 2009 – sourcing only whole-animal, butcher cut protein that is minimally processed to preserve vital nutrients and minerals for the diet pets need to live their best lives. with an extensive range of high-quality proteins in food entrees, protein mix-in toppers, raw bar snacks, and treats, Vital Essentials ensures that every pet’s dietary needs are met.

For pet owners looking for care without compromise, the rebrand makes it easy to find premium protein to support more energetic playtimes, healthier skin, shinier coats, stronger teeth, and gut health. The packaging features brown Kraft paper and twine, as one finds in a local butcher shop, along with animal icon view – through windows showcasing each protein variety. The rebrand also introduces “Tabby,” an icon that at once symbolises a butcher shop ticket and a cherished pet.

Lanny Viegut, CEO of Carnivore Meat Company, reflected on the journey leading to rebrand, “I’ve always believed in the importance of minimally-processed, premium protein, for the health of dogs and cats. We wanted to make it easier for uncompromising pet owners to feed their pets the protein they need and this rebrand does just that, it brings the butcher shop to the pet shop.”

The brand relaunch goes beyond packaging to include a renewed focus on forging deeper relationships with Vital Essentials’ customers and consumers. “There are so many brands out there, but we believe that only Vital Essentials offers the Butcher Cut protein pets need,” said vie gut. “As we say in our offices, there are no shortcuts, only butcher cuts – and we’re committed to helping our retailer partners bring the best quality protein to their customers.”

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