Friday, June 9, 2023 is an online platform for the petfood industry, founded in 2014 to cover all the processes involved in petfood production, from the reception and handling of raw materials and ingredients, through the various processing steps, covering the machinery used, formulation chosen and the nutrition requirements torgeted, with a focus on quality control and monitoring until the final product is packaged and passed to logistics for distribution. Our petfood platform started life as to provide industry updates along with technical features addressing the manufacturer of petfoods; as extrusion is now a most widely used process throughout the industry globally. Perendale Publishers launched ‘Extrusion Communiqué back in the early 1990s and recognised then the importance extrusion would have on petfood production in the future. As well as information of  markets trends, regulations and the developments occurring in the pet industry we will be reporting on health and nutrition. International Pet Food magazine and website offers a range of marketing services that support client companies, their products and their services in additional to their press announcements that explain to a global audience their goals and philosophies. International Pet Food has achieved a traffic flow of over 4000 daily visitors who are interested in learning about news and technical advances as well as the services and products offered by companies. All Extruded positioned itself in 2018 as a benchmark for the industry in Latin American – in Spanish – in its early stages and now in English and in print for the global market on a monthly publishing basis. Today – from January 2022 – International Pet Food is being published in both English and Spanish monthly  with the support of its new platform The new-look website accommodates the move to a monthly publishing schedule, with editions being made available in print and digitally via our new App store and on our websites. International Pet Food supports, promotes and reports on the main events that impact the industry and brings to its entire pint and digital audience updates on what is happened in the world of petfood production. Perendale Publishers Limited, the publishers of International Pet Food (formerly All Extruded) has a global presence with offices in Mexico, United States of America, France, Nigeria, New Zealand, Turkey, China and the United Kingdom, – covering all the main regions and markets associated with petfood production.