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Alternative proteins: Supporting nutrition that’s better for pets & the planet

With pets increasingly considered part of the family, this humanisation trend is rapidly expanding around the world. More and more, conscientious consumers demand that their pets eat sustainable, responsibly produced foods like they eat...

Bone broth: How one company has turned a homegrown idea into big business

From kitchen table to cupboard staple: the introduction of Karnlea Bone Broth was very much a ‘home grown’ project. The qualities of bone broth as a superfood - packed with vitamins, minerals and high...

Brewer’s yeast cell walls: A promising tool for intestinal health & protection

Yeast cell walls (from Saccharomyces cerevisiae) – better known as mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) – are indigestible carbohydrates. This fermentable, prebiotic substrate, is able to bind E.coli and salmonella within the intestine and has a positive...

New lamb bone broth range released from Karnlea

Bone broth producer Karnlea is extending its bone broth range with the introduction of a new flavour next month, “lip-licking lamb.” Lamb was picked as a high-collagen alterative to its beef flavour and was...

Hydrolysed yeast: The new alternative for petfood formulation

Yeast and yeast derivative products are versatile and natural ingredients to keep in mind when formulating food for pets. They can be used for everything from a palatability enhancer to a source of nutrients...

Russian Government establishes quota for export of mineral fertilizer until end of 2022

The Russian Government has announced that it will be extending the quotas for the export of nitrogen and complex fertilizers. They will be valid from July 1 to December 31, 2022. The resolution on...
Ensuring FASMA Compliance for Pet Food

Ensuring FSMA compliance for petfood

When the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was signed into law, it marked the first major reform in food safety regulation in over 70 years. The goal of FSMA is shifting the focus from...
Symrise Strengthens Pet Food activities and Expands US footprint with Acquisition of ADF/IDF

Symrise strengthens its petfood activities

Symrise has signed a purchase agreement with the owners of ADF/IDF, a leading natural nutrition ingredient provider for petfood, regarding the acquisition of their business. ADF/IDF a pioneer in clean label meat and egg-based taste and...
Animal Technicians Find Passion and Purpose

What it’s like to be animal technicians at AFB’s PARC

We were excited for the opportunity when we were hired as animal technicians at AFB International. We understood that our love for pets, past experience and education would allow us to play an important role...
Importance of Aroma in Pet food Palatability

Aroma in petfood palatability

If a pet won't eat petfood, very little can be done. A pet doesn't take into account if the nutrition is balanced, the price is right, or the packaging and marketing claims are attractive...


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