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From the editor: dog food

Dogs are by far the most acquired pet in the world. It is estimated that there are near 900 million dogs worldwide with the USA having 10% at 90 million. As a note there...

Give a dog a bone or treat?

Before we get started, it should be noted that the petfood treats market was estimated to be valued at US$70 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach US$96.7 billion by 2028. The increased...

Enriching the diets of cats and dogs with omega-3 long chain fatty acids from...

We all know that cats enjoy fish and are very attracted to diets containing fish products of a variety of sources such as cod, tuna, and salmon. The latter, oily fish are rich in...

Joint management & obesity in dogs: Developing effective natural nutritional support for joint ailments...

The two most prevalent problems dogs suffer from in middle age to seniority are joint ailments and overweight/obesity, and very often they are concurrent. These two conditions can tax heavily on the canine’s quality...
Pet Parent perceptions of labored swallows in dogs

Pet owner perceptions of laboured swallows in dogs and assessing meal enjoyment

More and more, pet parents want to know their dog is enjoying a meal in addition to simply eating it. If a meal is perceived as enjoyable, then there is a greater likelihood of...

Identifying, treating and preventing dog ear infections

Dog ears come in all shapes and sizes, but they are unique in their anatomy when compared to human ears. Dogs have a long ear canal with both vertical and horizontal components. This creates...
Does Food Affect the Mood of Dogs?

Food that affects the mood of dogs

What is fed to animals influences their physical health, but the concept that diet also affects mental health and behaviour is often overlooked. However, nutrition is the fuel for the body and the brain,...
Why You’re Thinking About Pet Food Quality Wrong

Why you’re thinking about petfood quality wrong

When it comes to petfood, it's hard to talk about quality without quantifiable points of measurement. At a minimum, companies are required to report certain information, including a limited guaranteed analysis, ingredients by weight and the nutritional...
Does Protein in Dog Food Play a Role in Your Dog’s Behavior

Uncovering whether protein in dog food plays a role in behaviour

We've previously talked about protein in commercial petfoods and home-cooked diets. Typically, our focus is meeting your pet's biological needs. However, you may have heard friends, dog trainers, or even veterinarians talking about feeding...
Mycotoxins in pet food: Risks for dogs

Mycotoxins in petfood, the risks for dogs

The presence of mycotoxins in petfood has been in the spotlight due to recent incidents worldwide. The good news is that there are technologies that address this danger for our beloved companion animals. The mycotoxin...


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