Monday, September 25, 2023
Symrise Strengthens Pet Food activities and Expands US footprint with Acquisition of ADF/IDF

Symrise strengthens its petfood activities

Symrise has signed a purchase agreement with the owners of ADF/IDF, a leading natural nutrition ingredient provider for petfood, regarding the acquisition of their business. ADF/IDF a pioneer in clean label meat and egg-based taste and...
Animal Technicians Find Passion and Purpose

What it’s like to be animal technicians at AFB’s PARC

We were excited for the opportunity when we were hired as animal technicians at AFB International. We understood that our love for pets, past experience and education would allow us to play an important role...
Importance of Aroma in Pet food Palatability

Aroma in petfood palatability

If a pet won't eat petfood, very little can be done. A pet doesn't take into account if the nutrition is balanced, the price is right, or the packaging and marketing claims are attractive...
Developing Tomorrow’s Workforce – University Relation and Recruiting Program

Developing tomorrow’s workforce, AFB’s university relation and recruiting programme

Attracting and developing top talent is a priority at AFB International. As the petfood industry continues to grow and advance, our workforce needs are expanding and evolving too, requiring new knowledge, techniques and leading...
Fat Type and Amount: It’s Impact on Palatability

The impact of fat on palatability in petfood

Research reveals preference differences in dogs and cats for kibble fat sources and concentrations. Overview Fat plays an important role in dog and cat food, providing nutritional, functional and palatability benefits. The type and amount of...
Promoting Health habits to address Pet Obesity

Promoting healthy habits to tackle pet obesity

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), more than half of US pets are considered overweight or obese, and the number affected is expected to continue to rise. Weight concerns in pets are a...
A Fundamental Concept for Pet Food Formulation

Palatability, a fundamental concept for petfood formulation

Food taste is one of the main characteristics that determine our choice of purchase. Often, we stop consuming extremely nutritious products because they do not have pleasant sensory characteristics. Just like us, animals also...
Impact of Fats on Palatability

Fat quality: The impact of fats on palatability

Petfood palatability is the result of what AFB International call, 'the triangle of palatability success ingredients, palatants and processing.' Fats can provide important functions on all three sides of the triangle. As research and development...
Is it possible to Control and Predetermine the Palatability in Pet Food?

Controlling and predetermining palatability in petfood

Palatability is a complex parameter specific to each petfood on the market. It is a property of the food, but it is also a property of a two-dimensional system that is the food and...
Beyond Consumpyion - Measuring Cat's Food Enjoyment - Research and development AFB Intenational

Measuring cats’ food enjoyment

Meal times are one of the best opportunities for pet owners to interact with their cats and further enrich the human-pet bond. A pet owner’s perception of their cat’s enjoyment of a meal is...


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