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Petco now stocks plant-based jerky and rawhide alternatives

Petco are now stocking recently launched Clif Pet, Clif Bar & Company’s first ever line of plant-based jerky for dogs as the exclusive national retailer, alongside adding Earth Animal’s No-Hide Chews, a rawhide alternative....

Plant protein versus animal protein in petfood formulae

As Jennifer Adolphe, the Nutrition Manager at Petcurean puts it: "Petfood with a higher content of plant-based ingredients provide a sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly option for pet owners." This is a claim that requires...
Ingredients that are making their way into the Pet Food Industry

Ingredients making their way into the petfood industry

Trends are, generally speaking, what marks the path of innovation and growth in companies. In the petfood industry, alternative fruits, vegetables and proteins are becoming more prevalent. On this subject, a spokesperson for the US...
Cruciferous vegetables in Pet Food formulas

Cruciferous vegetables in petfood formulae

Petfood manufacturers are in a constant bid to find the best formula: the healthiest, the tastiest, the most convenient. Cruciferous vegetables Cruciferous vegetables are the vegetables of the Brassicaceae family, a family of dicotyledonous angiosperms made...
Beet Pulp and its use for Pet Nutrition

Beet pulp and its uses in pet nutrition

Knowing the advantages that food may provide to the health of animals, including pets, has been a source of research in nutritional science for years. In addition to the basic functions of feeding and nourishing,...


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