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Double Standards for by-products

By-products in petfood

Written by the CEO of Aller Petfood, Henriette Bylling discusses the place by-products have in petfood, and whether they are necessarily beneficial for pets When I published my article 'Are by-products in petfood by definition...
All about a súper premium fiber system

A super-premium fibre system

In our article in the Agroindustria Magazine, in its edition No. 147, we made a general description of the historical fibre and new forms accepted by international organisations. We also spoke about the types...
Plant and Animal Nutrient Sources for Dry Pet Food

Plant and animal nutrient sources for dry petfood

The sources of nutrients for dry foods, which represent 96 percent of sales in Latin America and are therefore a very important source of commercial transactions. Although most of these ingredients are used in food...
Scoop on Storing Pet Food

A guide to storing petfood

If you're like most pet owners, you buy a bag of petfood, open it, and pour it into a container for storage. However, this common practice of storing petfood may lead to degradation of...
What is the B.A.R.F Diet and its impact on the Pet Food Industry?

B.A.R.F diet, its impact on the petfood industry

The world and trends are updated with increasing speed, and in the petfood industry we see new ways of feeding and caring for pets. Currently, the trend is increasing to feed domestic dogs and cats...


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