Friday, December 9, 2022

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Petflation: How inflation is affecting the petfood industry & pet owners

The pandemic registered a record surge in pet ownership in the UK and this significantly boosted the already solid petfood market in the country....

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The story behind the original Himalayan dog chew

How a commitment to human progression created a new US$75 million dog chew category. What started as a small family business born out of tradition...



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Percuro’s first participation at Crufts

Percuro, an insect-based dog food company, will be participating in world-known dog show, Crufts. The international event will be returning to the National Exhibition...
European Packaging Supplier Opens New Technical Center in Germany

Coveris’ new packaging centre

Coveris has opened its new pack innovation centre based in Halle, Germany. The centre will be utilised for product development, innovation and education, all while...

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Interview with Ed de Souza, Extrusion Systems Process Director at Wenger Manufacturing

Ed de Souza graduated with a degree in Agribusiness at Fort Hays University in Kansas, USA in 1995. He also obtained a master's degree in...

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Enriching the diets of cats and dogs with omega-3 long chain fatty acids from marine sources

We all know that cats enjoy fish and are very attracted to diets containing fish products of a variety of sources such as cod,...

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An Axolotls Diet: The types of food that are both nutritional and enjoyable for axolotls

Axolotls are the Peter Pan of Salamanders who manages to stay ‘young’ throughout their lives by retaining their larval characteristics and thereby never growing...
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