Thursday, September 21, 2023

Bone broth: How one company has turned a homegrown idea into big business

From kitchen table to cupboard staple: the introduction of Karnlea Bone Broth was very much a ‘home grown’ project. The qualities of bone broth as a superfood - packed with vitamins, minerals and high...
CSS to explore Recycled Groceries

Kemin Industries working with CSS to explore sustainable petfood

Kemin, a global ingredient manufacturer will use be using CSS Harvest to Harvest technology to help assist with its petfood business. Kemin Industries, a global ingredient manufacturer striving to sustainably transform the quality of life everyday for...
What is the difference between Pet Food?

Four different types of ready-made petfoods

Ready-made petfood can be divided into the following four categories: economy, premium, super-premium, and holistic. How much each of these costs depends on the raw materials used in the production of feed, as well as...
These are the best Natural Ingredients for Dog Food

The best natural ingredients for dog food

Petfood trends are likely to follow human food trends. Sustainability and health have been prominent issues for a while now. Dog owners are therefore more likely to demand healthy and natural dog food for...
Impact of Fats on Palatability

Fat quality: The impact of fats on palatability

Petfood palatability is the result of what AFB International call, 'the triangle of palatability success ingredients, palatants and processing.' Fats can provide important functions on all three sides of the triangle. As research and development...
Pet food with hydrolyzed protein: benefits and challenges

Petfood with hydrolyzed protein: advantages and challenges

In search of the healthiest food, development and innovation in the petfood industry continues to advance in leaps and bounds, including incorporating hydrolyzed protein in petfood. Defining hydrolyzed protein When it comes to carrying out a...
Tomra Food Starts working with the Renderers of Pet Food Ingredients

Tomra Food’s work with petfood renderers

Tomra Food has begun offering its optical sorting technologies to renderers who turn the by-products from animal food production into petfood ingredients. This new initiative is expected to be especially well received now that...
PLP Systems launch Innovative Online Exhibition Stand

PLP Systems launch innovative online exhibition stand

Italian dosing and handling specialists, PLP Systems, have recently launched their online exhibition stands, showcasing their latest, innovative solutions for a digital audience. With the continued postponement of trade shows due to Covid-19, many companies...
Primary Yeast Solutions are Helping Boost Pet Health and Well-Being

Primary yeast solutions helping to boost pet health and well-being

"Yeast-based ingredients are playing an increasing role in petfood's premiumisation as a source of improved health and well-being for pets around the world," says Rodolphe Rabot. "Yeasts have been widely used in petfoods in the...
The most important nutrient for our pets

Water, the most important nutrient for pets

Water consumption is one of the most important points to maintain the health and well-being of our pets. Dogs should consume approximately 60 mL for each kg of live weight and cats between 150...


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