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Multipurpose line for extruded dry pet foods from GEA

0 GEA design and manufacture tailor-made extrusion lines for the production of any kind of dry pet food such as kibbles, pillows and various kind of treats. Their flexibility and knowledge of technology allows them...
An Introduction to Extrusion

An introduction to extrusion

The extruder is an ideal machine that can be designed for processing petfood, floating or sinking aquatic feed just by adjusting the formula. Extrusion requires moisture, heat, and pressure to process aqua feeds. Temperatures higher...
benefits and challenges of Cold Extrusion in the Pet Food Industry

Cold extrusion: pros and cons

Extrusion is a process where the objective is to achieve cooking of the mixture of raw materials and ingredients, shaping it into a croquette. Cold extrusion, however, differs. The temperature of the food does...
Ferraz launches Twin-Screw Extruder: Model E-150D

Ferraz launches its news Twin-Screw Extruder, Model E-150D

Previously, Ferraz Maquinas, a manufacturer of equipment for feed mill, had a line of twin screw extruders with capacities ranging between 400 and 8,000 kg/h. It is now launching its extruder with the highest...

Buhler launches single-screw extruder PolyOne

Bühler has launched the multifunctional single-screw extruder PolyOne for the petfood and aqua feed industry at Victam International 2019 trade fair. At the fair, Bühler is showcasing solutions for the entire feed value chain,...

Famsun, the provider of high-quality petfood projects

Famsun is the integrated solutions provider of high-quality petfood projects. Our research focuses on developing efficient petfood manufacturing technology and equipment to improve the palatability, nutrition value, quality and safety of petfood. Famsun's petfood manufacturing...
Wenger - Seminar on 'Food Extrusion

Wenger’s seminar on extrusion, cereals and proteins

Wenger Manufacturing organised an excellent seminar titled 'Food Extrusion: Cereals, Protein & Other Ingredients'. Formally titled, 'Texturized Vegetable Protein and Other Soy Products', was presented October 9, 2019, at Tees Research. The program covered detailed information...

Twin screw extrusion for petfood and aquafeeds

Wenger revolutionises twin screw extrusion with unique models dedicated to petfood and aqua feeds. Traditional twin-screw extrusion design has served its purpose as the petfood and aqua feed industries developed. Yet both industries now...
Wenger Manufacturing Announces Multimillion-Dollar Expansion

Wenger’s expansion of Innovation and Development Centre

Wenger Manufacturing has begun work on a US$13 million renovation project to expand and modernise the Wenger Technical Centre in Sabetha, USA. The Wenger Technical Centre is a facility dedicated to innovation and continuous improvement...
An Extruder for Maximising Production of Fish Feed and Petfood

Extruder for maximising production of fish feed and petfood

The extruder OEE NG from Amandus Kahl has set about capturing the market for the production of petfood and aquafeed of the highest quality. German machine manufacturer Amandus Kahl has been manufacturing a new extruder...


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