Friday, December 9, 2022
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NIR technologies in petfood production: Measuring the moisture, fat & protein levels of incoming...

With an output that includes a wide range of pet food types – dry kibbles, wet food, fresh varieties, treats made of bone and meat, as well as others – petfood production facilities are...
GEA opens New R&D Center to drive Innovation in Pet Food Production

GEA’s new R&D centre for petfood

GEA recently opened its new Petfood Experience Centre in Galliere Veneta, Italy. The role of the new centre is to drive innovation, while cooperating with customers and industry partners. It also aims to act...
New Laboratory for Solids Materials in the Jesma Test Center.

New laboratory in Jesma’s Test Centre

We are pleased to announce the completion of our new laboratory for Solids Materials in the Jesma Test Center. Testing your product can help determine the optimal design for your silo, bin, bin extraction, and weighing...


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