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SodaPup introduces two new innovative slow feeder dog bowls

August 4, 2023 – The Wave eBowl and the Great Outdoors eBowl combine form and function to improve mealtimes for pets and their people.

SodaPup, a leading provider of engaging pet products, announces the launch of two new slow feeder dog bowls. Designed to promote healthy eating habits and prevent fast eating, these bowls offer a fun and challenging way for dogs to enjoy their meals.

The Wave eBowl, inspired by the iconic Japanese wood print titled ‘The Great Wave Off Kanagawa,’ is a moderately difficult slow feeder bowl. It features a wave design that not only adds an artistic element to mealtime but also encourages dogs to eat slower and savour their food. The Wave eBowl is available in a striking marine blue colour, making it a stylish addition to any dog’s feeding routine.

The Great Ourdoors eBowl blends seamlessly with the majestic beauty of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, the home of SodaPup. This slow feeder bowl showcases a complex design of mountains, trees, and rivers, providing dogs with a challenging feeding experience. By requiring dogs to navigate through the intricate pattern, the Great Outdoors eBowl helps to prevent bloating and improves digestion. The Great Outdoors eBowl is available in moss green and bright orange.

“At SodaPup, we are dedicated to creating innovative products that enhance the well-being of pets,” said Adam Baker, founder of SodaPup. “Our new slow feeder dog bowls not only make mealtime more enjoyable for dogs but also provide numerous health benefits. We are excited to introduce these unique designs that celebrate nature ad art.”

Soda Pup is committed to using safe and durable materials in their products. The slow feeder dog bowls are made from food-grade, BPA-free plastic, ensuring the highest standards of safety for pets.

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