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Percuro’s donation to dog charities

Percuro, an insect-based petfood and treat company, demonstrated their commitment to pets in need by making a donation of 420 boxes of Percuro dog food to two charities. With the donation valuing at UK£8400, charities Greyhound Protection UK and Candy’s Hound Rescue International both received the dog food.

Greyhound Protection UK was established in 2012 and is a non-profit organisation dedicated to rescuing and rehoming greyhounds in need, to raise awareness about the racing industry. Its sister rescue, Candy’s Hound Rescue International, rescues and rehabilitates dogs taken from the meat trade, breeding programmes and other terrible situations from countries with few animal protection laws.

Owner of Greyhound Protection UK, Kerry Lawrence, says, “This is absolutely wonderful.  A massive thank you to Percuro pet food for their incredibly generous support. We are dedicated to the rescue and rehoming of greyhounds requiring help and feeding the dogs at our rescue centre is a major expense. A pet food donation of this magnitude will make a huge difference to our non-profit organisation and the dogs love the taste of Percuro’s insect-based, ethically farmed formulation.”

Percuro’s founder, Denise Saber says, “Corporate social responsibility is an integral component of our ethical brand. We are delighted to give back to the dog welfare community and demonstrate our support to Kerry’s charitable organisation which is dedicated to the rescue and rehoming of greyhounds in need.”

She adds that Percuro’s donation is invaluable in a time of “rising running costs,” to ensure that the dogs being housed at the charities receive the nutrition they need.

“Food insecurity is at an all-time high for dog rescues and it’s gratifying to see these magnificent, gentle dogs thrive on our eco-friendly petfood with its hypoallergenic ingredients specially selected for the health and well-being of a dog’s body and mind.”

For more information on Percuro visit their website, HERE.

To learn more about the work that Greyhound Protection UK and Candy’s Hound Rescue International do visit their websites HERE, and HERE.




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