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Avivagen reports increased interest in OxC-beta product

Avivagen reports increased interest in OxC-beta product
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Avivagen has announced securing a “significant” order for its OxC-beta from AB Vista, its exclusive distribution partner in the US, Brazil and Thailand. Avivagen, which is a life sciences company, focuses on developing and commercialising products for livestock, pets and human applications to safely enhance feed intake and support immune function.

OxC-beta supports immune function and provides a “non-antibiotic means” of promoting health and growth, according to the company. OxC-beta Livestock is shown to be an effective alternative to antibiotics commonly added to livestock feeds and presents an opportunity to remove all in-feed antibiotics being used as growth promoters.

The order, which weighs at 1.2 tonnes, will be shipped for use in Brazil where AB Vista is in the process of running ongoing trials with large poultry and cattle producers. Brazil was ranked as the number three feed-producing country in the world in the 2022 Alltech Agri-Food Outlook as it produced 80.1mmt in 2021.

“We are excited to be making further inroads into one of the world’s largest feed production markets. The large size of this order is a testament to the growing demand for safe and effective alternatives to antibiotics and the market opportunity for our products,” explains Kym Anthony, CEO at Avivagen. “We expect this important relationship with AB Vista to continue to play a significant role in the increased adoption and use of OxC-beta to promote animal health and growth in livestock throughout the Americas.”

Its product, OxC-beta, has applications in livestock health and supporting the health of pets. OxC-beta is used as a key ingredient by a leading producer of dog food in Taiwan, as the company in question expanded its product line of dog food containing OxC-beta to include canned food and dry kibble.

Last month, Avivagen announced significant sales of this product, including a 1500 unit order for Vivamune, Avivagen’s Taiwan-based distribution partner. This represents the largest single order from Vivamune and reflects increased consumer awareness and interest.

In the same month the company announced the first of two new customers in Mexico – one being an independent distributor of nutritional products for dogs which has ordered 4000 units of white labelled product which it will market under its own bread, and the second which has placed an order for 500 units of Vivamune.

“We are seeing great interest and opportunity for Avivagen in the companion animal market today,” says Mr Anthony. “These new sales and customer wins in key markets like Taiwan and Mexico follow sales in Canada and the US, and are clear signs of growing demand for our companion animal product as an important part of promoting pet health.”

“We are excited to be expanding our customer base and recurring business in these areas,” he concludes.

For more information on Avivagen visit their website, HERE.



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