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The Appet!zer Blog arrives in Latin America

The Appet!zer Blog arrives in Latin America

Diana Pet Food launches its Appet!zer blog in Spanish and Portuguese to meet the needs of professionals in the regional petfood industry.

This blog gathers Diana Pet Food’s expertise on palatability, health and nutrition, petfood protection, measurement and sustainability to help pet food professionals develop their business.

Readers will find a range of articles including: back to basics; top tips; trend analysis; best practice; interviews with our experts and videos.

Anderson Conejo, Diana Pet Food Regional Marketing Manager says, “The articles are written by our internal experts; we are also proud to be associated with industry specialists such as Mintel who enrich our content with the latest market intelligence.”

In a rapidly growing and constantly changing petfood industry, shaped by evolving technologies and new lifestyles for pets and their owners, Appet!zer helps our customers better understand this fascinating market and also provides the keys to meeting the changing expectations of owners for their pets.

For more information on Diana Pet Food visit their website, HERE.


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