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Worldwise’s acquisition of Pet Factory

Worldwise’s acquisition of Pet Factory
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Worldwise, a pet supplies platform and portfolio company of A&M Capital Partners (AMCP), has acquired Pet Factory, a manufacturer of beefhide chews, treats, toys and accessories. With this acquisition, Worldwise now has six brands encompassing several different product categories including pet chews and treats, toys, litter accessories and pet bedding.

Pet Factory began in 1989 and has since become a leading US producer of high-quality pet chews and treats, with premium branded products for dogs through four of its brands:

  • CareChewz: a healthy, long-lasting daily chew made of 100 percent collagen
  • Twistedz: a combination chew with real chick and/or beef meat around a beefhide chew
  • Real Chewz: an all-natural, oven-baked chew
  • Combo Wrap Chewz: a handmade chew made up of traditional rawhide, porkhide and real meat jerky

“We are a different business today than we were six months ago, thanks to the continued success of our M&A strategy in bolstering the Worldwise platform with innovative brands, products and production capabilities that meet the highest standards of both quality and safety,” says Kevin Fick, CEO of Worldwise. “With this acquisition, Worldwise gains a leader in the chew and treat space with strategic domestic manufacturing capabilities and strong customer relationships. The entire Worldwise team is thrilled to welcome Pet Factory to the family and to add their exceptional team to our platform.”

Alongside its chews and treats offering, Pet Factory produces a range of dog and cat toys with other pet accessories, to serve a wide range of co-manufacturing partner pet chew and treat brands. Following on from the acquisition, Greg Hill will continue to serve as President of Pet Factory and become a senior member of Worldwise’s management team. In doing so, he will continue to grow Pet Factory brands and serve its customer base.

“For us, this deal was all about partnership,” says Hill. “After building Pet Factory into the household name and category leader it is today, our vision for the future centered around identifying the right partners that could take our brands and business to the next level. We believe Worldwise and A&M Capital offer enhanced resources and meaningful opportunities to leverage our multi-faceted manufacturing capabilities, enabling us to fuel our future growth and better-serve our customers.”

Since their partnership in September of last year, Worldwise and A&M Capital Partners (AMCP) have worked closely to execute the company’s M&A strategy. As well as acquiring Pet Factory, Worldwise has acquired FurHaven Pet Products, an e-commerce company and Kitty Sift, a producer of consumable cat litter and accessories.

“When we acquired Worldwise, our goal was to grow the Company into a premiere platform in pet products, treats, and chews, with a broad portfolio of brands that resonate with pet owners,” explains Ryan McCarthy, Partner at AMCP. “In a short six months, Worldwise’s winning platform and approach has already attracted some of the top brands and sellers in the industry.”

For more information on Worldwise visit their website, HERE.

For more information on AMCP visit their website, HERE.


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