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Petco now stocks plant-based jerky and rawhide alternatives

Petco are now stocking recently launched Clif Pet, Clif Bar & Company’s first ever line of plant-based jerky for dogs as the exclusive national retailer, alongside adding Earth Animal’s No-Hide Chews, a rawhide alternative. These lines are now available at most pet care centres nationally and online.

“We’re thrilled to continue expanding Petco’s curated dog treats assortment with new offerings from Clif and Earth Animal,” says Amy College, Petco Chief Merchandising Officer. “The US$8 billion dog treat and chew market is growing at an even faster rate than dog food, with more than 75 percent of pet parents feeding treats and chews to their dogs.”

Petco is Clif’s first exclusive partner in the company’s foray into pet products. The company also produces energy foods and drinks for human consumption and is taking its first step into the petfood industry with its jerky treats.

“When preparing to launch Clif Pet we knew we wanted to work with a retail partner that shares our values and spirit of innovation,” explains Greg Lok, Head of Incubator with Clif. “Petco’s commitment to sustainability and their efforts to prioritise brands that promote wholesome nutrition make this a great fit for us and for pet parents.”

Image credit: Clif Bar & Company

The plant-based jerky is currently available in three recipes: Sweet Potato & Blueberry, Pumpkin & Apple, and Butternut Squash & Cranberry. The jerky is made with plant protein with seven digestible ingredients and no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. The treats come in a five ounce bag and 12 ounce bag with prices ranging from US$8.99 to US$16.99 and can be used for positive reinforcement training and playtime.

In addition, Petco is offering Earth Animal’s No-Hide Chews line with six varieties: chicken, beef, salmon, pork, venison and peanut butter, ranging from US$5.99 to US$31.99. All products have one sustainably sourced protein including humanely raised chicken, grass-fed beef, wild-caught salmon, humanly raised pork, grass-fed venison and vegetarian peanut butter. As a healthy and digestible alternative to rawhide, the chews offer enjoyment, mental stimulation and dental health improvement.

Last March, the retailer removed rawhide options from its shelves and opted to promote long-lasting and digestible alternatives. It also no longer sells petfoods and treats which contain artificial colours, flavours and preservatives according to its nutrition standards.

“We have been so impressed with the work that Petco has done on behalf of their commitment to pet health and wellness and are really excited to be one of their newest partners supporting their Whole Health philosophy,” concludes Stephie Volo, Chie Marketing Officer at Earth Animal and Chairwoman of the Pet Sustainability Coalition.

Petco’s Whole Health philosophy outlines Petco’s commitment to supporting all five aspects of pet health: physical, mental, social, home and accessible health. To serve pet health and support the community, Petco recently launched their pet care centres which can be read about HERE.

For more information on Petco visit their website, HERE.

Cover image credit: Earth Animal



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