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Feeder valve and micro dosing system by Dinnissen

Dinnissen’s Feeder Valve can be used in many applications, as it can process a wide range of quantities. The Feeder Valve is a butterfly valve, powered by a single drive unit. Thanks to its compact installation height, this feeder valve can easily be incorporated into a new or existing setup. The compact design and simple construction minimise product residue being left behind, allowing quick and easy cleaning of the installation. A feeder valve is always connected to a weighing system. The weight decrease or increase shows how much product is passing through the feeder valve at what speed meaning that you can determine how it should be adjusted.

The equipment has very high accuracy down to the gram and is suitable for both batch and continuous weighing systems for whatever you may require. Along with this the equipment is energy efficient and boasts short dosing times to keep things moving at a good pace.

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