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HealthyBud to launch superfood Mini Training Treats for brain health

September 19, 2023 – On the heels of a successful preview at SuperZoo 2023, leading Canadian pet wellness brand Healthybud is preparing to launch its game-changing new product: low-cal, superfood-packed ‘Mini Training Treats’ for dogs made with all-natural ingredients that promote brain health.

Many pet parents forget an essential first step when training their pups. According to top trainers, you should always start by ensuring dogs are receiving an adequate balance of nutrients so they have the energy and attention span needed to learn. Healthybud’s ‘Mini Training Treats’ take this to the next level. The new ‘Mini Training Treats’ are enriched with specific science-backed superfoods known to boost doggy brain power, such as:

  • lion’s mane
  • reishi
  • salmon oil
  • and pumpkin

Each pack contains more than 500 mini treats – all human-grade, grain-free and irresistibly delicious to dogs. Perfect for all breeds and stages of life, every treat has just one calorie so dogs remain in top shape no matter how many tries it takes before they sit, stay or roll over.

“I love using Healhybud’s ‘Mini Training Treats’ for dog training because: (1) Dogs love them (2) The mini size is extremely convenient and each treat contains just one calorie. This saves me from having to bring up bigger treats into smaller pieces. (3) they contain superfoods that improve the concentration and general health of dogs – two essential requirements for successful training. Healthybud’s mini training treats are a no-brainer and perfect choice.” – Véronique Chantal, MSc Animal Behaviour, owner & lead dog trainer at Centre Éducatif le Chien Futé (The Smart Dog Educational Centre).

“The Healthybud team has been hard at work crafting the best possible training treats and we’re so excited to finally be releasing them – our first new product launched in two years. We previewed the ‘Mini Training Treats’ at SuperZoo last month and everyone went wild for them. People loved the mini size because it makes it easy to dish out multiple treats while training. They were also intrigued by the unique, healing superfoods the treats are made with. These treats are not only ideal for training, they are also the perfect low-calorie, high-value goodie for any occasion.” – Dana Ben David, co-founder & creative director at Healthybud Healthybud’s ‘Mini Training Treats’ are scheduled to be available across North America in October 2023.


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