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IAMS announce partnership with Kinship’s Whistle Smart Devices

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IAMS has announced their partnership with Kinship’s Whistle, a smart device that monitors pet-health to promote overall dog health. 

With the smart device designed by Whistle, pet owners get data-driven insights into their dogs behaviour, which in turn can help inform on what nutrients they may be lacking or need more of.

The device tracks things such as weight, activity, metabolism, breed, size, age, GPS, as well as calculating the necessary food portions, tailored to the unique needs of the dog. The time pets eat and drink, activity levels, even scratching and licking habits are monitored, all which  assist in detecting potential health issues and conditions. An example of this is the device detecting a lack of activity or overeating, and therefore suggesting the IAMS healthy weight diet.

Using artificial intelligence, the device uses clinical insights to create a new way of understanding your dog’s health, providing a better option for pet parents who want to provide personalised care. It helps owners understand the dietary needs, and directs the user to the appropriate tailored IAMS product. The partnership sees nutritional wellness meet science and technology, to make it easier for pet parents to track their dog’s habits and support holistic health. 

A Brand of Mars Petcare, IAMS create high-quality nutritious food for cats and dogs tailored for every life-stage, pet size and health need.Through research and dietary findings, they create food to help boost pets immunity, burn fat, maintain muscle and promote health digestion. Mars Petcare is an organisation specialising in veterinary care, nutrition and pet health technology.

Kinship, also a division of Mars Petcare, is a coalition that includes Whilsty (smart monitors), Wisdom Panel (the world’s most accurate pet DNA test), The Wildest, Pet Insight Project, GoodFriend by Kinship (a platform that connects pet parents and care providers), and

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