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Process Integration appoints new CEO

September 13, 2023 – In 2015, Sti Løvgreen and Lars Johansen established Process Integration (PI). with a shared background in building fish feed factories worldwide, the philosophy behind their company is to provide customers with the best service and a holistic approach when expanding, optimising or servicing process facilities.

PI has experienced explosive growth, and to support the development of the entire group on an international scale and ensure that the culture evolves with it, Lars and Sti have opted to enhance leadership while concurrently allocating more time to strategic endeavours, sales and the technological advancement of the entire group of companies.

As a result, Niels Malling Laursen, who has been associated with Process Integration for the past year, has been appointed as CEO.

Simultaneously, Kurt Myhlert Olsen has been hired as the head of Administration/HR and Finance. Kurt has broad experience in administration and financial management, partly from the dairy industry, the process industry, project management and as an independent consultant in finance and advisory services.

Niels Malling Laursen has been an independent consultant for dairy and meat processing for several years and was previously a director of several food companies, with an in-depth knowledge of the industry. Niels says about his new role, “Of course, it required some consideration to accept the CEO role while retaining the position as head of the project department. However, I possess a deep understanding of the company, and with such a strong and positive team, I am genuinely thrilled to contribute to taking the company to the next level.”

Organisational changes ave the way for future strategy

Lars explains the recent changes, saying, “Throughout our journey over the past 8 years, it has been crucial for Sti and me that we have grown at a pace that the organisation can keep up with. We have listened to our customers and have consistently focused on providing the service they really need. Initially, it was primarily fish feed and pet food factories that we serviced, but today we have just as many projects in food production and other industries, and the scale of the projects we receive is often larger than before. The demand for our in-house capabilities has led us to establish a robust engineering department.”

Sti Løvgreen adds, “We are very focused on knowing what solutions are available on the market and how they can be best implemented to maximise all value streams, ensuring customers can get optimal benefit, whether they need to replace a single part or optimise energy. We are now so well-equipped that we can build complete process lines. It is a great asset for us to have Niels as CEO; he has extensive knowledge of process facilities and project management. Kurt also brings scientific experience and has been a valuable addition to the group, as we understand the importance of taking good care of our employees and running a healthy company.”

Process integration was established in 2015 with its headquarters in Skanderborg, Denmark. additionally, there is an installation company in Norway, an independent division is Chile, and a sales office in the USA. The company specialises in building, maintaining and optimising process facilities worldwide and currently employs 86 people.

For more information, visit HERE.

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