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Pure Treats announces new value-size MiniPureBites Freeze-Dried Trainers

September 15, 2023 – Pure Treats Inc is announcing the introduction of NEW Value Size Mini-PureBites Beef Liver Freeze Dried Trainers and New Mini-PureBites Salmon Freeze Dried Trainers. Made in the USA with only one human grade ingredient: 100 percent pure beef liver and 100 percent wild-caught salmon. Mini-PureBites Trainers are specially cut small pieces of pure protein for training and small dogs.

Specifically designed for the exploding small dog segment, as well as helping puppy parents needing training treats for their new family members, Mini-PureBites offers a tailor-made incremental merchandising opportunity for puppies and training. Since their launch, the Mini-PureBites line of training treats has been a hit with Pet Parents, so now PureBites is expanding into a new protein, salmon, as well as a large size to address the higher consumption rate of training treats.

All Pure Bites are made fresh and pure using a delicate freeze-drying process to ensure more RAW protein and nutrients are packed into every bag. With nothing added to get in the way, the aroma & taste that dogs and puppies love are locked into all their treats, food and toppers. Dog parents love PureBites because they are 100 percent pure and rich in nutrients for a happy and healthy life. PureBites are the ideal treat for dogs with health issues, are overweight, diabetic, have allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, or are on a restricted diet, as limited ingredient treats allow Pet Parents the peace of mind knowing exactly what they’re giving their furry loved ones.

Mini-PureBites RAW freeze-dried treats are the ultimate limited ingredient high value treat and joins a growing family of simple, pure, limited ingredient treats, and toppers that include RAW freeze dried, gently air dried & wet treats, toppers and mixers for dogs and cats.

Mini-PureBites Trainers are available now through your preferred pet supplies distributor in either the US or Canada. Mid size treats are available in beef liver, lamb, chicken and salmon and carry a suggested retail price of US$8.99-9.99. Value size Mini-PureBites Beef Liver Treats carry a suggested retail price of US$23.99-24.99.

For more information, visit HERE.


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