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Videka, a joint venture between Diana Petfood and Kalsec

Videka, a joint venture between Diana Petfood and Kalsec
Videka joint venture between Diana Pet Food and Kalsec

Diana Pet Food and Kalsec, Inc, two global petfood and treat industry companies, have established Videka, a joint venture for the production of antioxidant solutions specifically for petfood applications.

Videka balances the palatability and petfood ingredient knowledge of Diana Pet Food’s with the oxidation management experience of Kalsec to deliver natural protection solutions for the petfood and rendering industries, according to the companies.

“Through this joint venture Diana Pet Food continues to answer the growing demand for safe and natural petfood. Both companies share a strong commitment to customer services with responsiveness and transparency as core values. The future of Videka will be driven by a shared culture of innovation and creativity,” says Bertrand de Launay, president of Diana Pet Food.

Oxidation solutions developed through this joint venture are applicable to rendered proteins, including poultry, fish and lamb, rendered fats and oils, as well as extruded, baked, freeze-dried and semi-moist petfoods and treats. Videka currently offers four product lines — Duralox, Herbalox, Essentia and Greenway — each catering to specific product formats and processing methods.

“Together we see companion pets and the positive role that pets play in people’s lives. We believe we can provide a better outcome for a pet’s wellbeing. Together we see an economical, clean-label, plant-based antioxidant that is based on strong science and sustainability,” said Dr. Scott Nykaza, CEO of Kalsec. 

Kalsec is a family-owned company that specialises in naturally sourced antioxidants and rosemary extracts for petfood applications. The company operates facilities in North America, Europe and Asia and has been serving the food, beverage and petfood industries since it was founded in 1958.

Diana is a subsidiary of Symrise, Inc. Diana Pet Food offers solutions for palatability, health and nutrition, petfood protection and cat litter, and offers a pet and consumer preference and behaviour database for processors to optimise their products and product analysis methods.

For more information on Diana Pet Food visit their website, HERE.

For more information on Kalsec visit their website, HERE.


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