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VIV Asia 2023: 30th Anniversary

VIV Asia 2023: 30th Anniversary
VIV Asia

VIV Asia 2023 was an incredible success with an amazing number of attendees and exhibitors. Held in Bangkok, Thailand at the IMPACT Challenger, the B2B event spanned over three days from March 8-10, with an additional day for a few conferences on March 7.

The complete feed to food global trade show saw a staggering number of attendees with a registered 47,527 visitors from 112 countries and 1,186 exhibitors from 57 countries. The exhibition was split into sections, ranging from animal health, farm production, aquaculture, machinery and more in a space of 31,544sqm across three Challenger halls. Many of the exhibitors had a range of products on display, such as machinery and feed, and some even gave free samples to their products to the visitors.

Plus, with VIV Asia offering over 120 conferences and sessions, there were a range of topics for everyone to have at least one event that would interest the. Each conference covered the latest information and insights into the newest insights, innovations, and technologies. Some of the conferences that were held were ‘How to Build your Sustainable Dairy Farm’ by Global Dairy Farmers, ‘Trends, Challenges and Opportunities of Alternative Proteins in Asia’ and many more, along with some created by our own company.

“VIV Asia is the first VIV show in 2023 and it represents – and rightfully so – our goal to connect the markets, and enhance industry trade both locally and globally,” stated Birgit Horn, Managing Director of VIV Worldwide, during the event.

Our Conferences

Perendale Publishers, parent company to International Petfood magazine, organised three separate conferences: Aquatic, 7th Annual Aquafeed Extrusion (7AQE), and Build My Feed Mill. All three conferences were an incredible successful, with two of them being a full house and the third being half full at minimum.

Aquatic and 7AQE were both held on the same day, March 7, and lasted the whole day. VIV and Progressus worked together with Perendale to organise Aquatic while Dr Mian Riaz of Texas A&M University worked with us on 7AQE. Both conferences were a great starter to VIV Asia which began the day after on March 8.

Build My Feed Mill was a two-hour conference held on the morning of March 10 that was solely organised by Perendale. This was an amazing conference with full attendance and a fantastic way to end the exhibition.

Full reports on the three conferences will appear in the next edition of International Petfood so make sure you read the next edition to find out more.

30th Anniversary

VIV Asia 2023 celebrated the 30th anniversary of VIV in the Challenger 3, VIV Square on the second day of the event, March 9. The celebration began with a spectacular dance performance, followed by a warm welcome to all attendees with free food, drinks and gifts upon entry into the VIV Square.

Managing Director of VIV Worldwide, VNU Europe, Mrs Birgit Horn, then introduced the small event and presented Mr Chris Jackson, Export Manager for UKTAG, the UK’s Technology for Agriculture and Genetics organisation, an award. For Chris’ ‘outstanding contribution to VIV and the food-to-feed industry’ along with being the UK’s representation for guidance and commitment to VIV since its inception in 1993 in Japan, he was awarded with a trophy and travelsized suitcase as a sign of appreciation from VNU.

Following this, it was announced by Mr Igor Palka, Managing Director of VNU Asia Pacific and Mr Jose Gerardo Feliciano, Vice President of United Broiler Association, that ILDEX Philippines and the Philippine Poultry Show will be combining into one event- Philippine Poultry Show & ILDEX Philippines 2023. This is a wonderful partnership between the two events and a huge development for the industry too as it will bring together more companies to create newer and better connections than before. Finally, there were two competitions to end the celebrations- a quiz on Kahoot regarding VIV and a lucky prize draw. International Petfood were incredibly lucky and are so thankful for their prizes as all three members of our team who attended this celebration all managed to win, with Shannon winning twice from both the quiz and lucky draw.

Triumphant Time

This year, VIV Asia was held in a new location and despite this, the animal protein sector responded to this change incredibly with attendance from both exhibitors and attendees not being affected negatively and remaining high. The show also offered free transportation to and from the event with the use of a shuttle bus to the sky train stations located throughout Bangkok to assist anyone who struggled to find transport as the area had lots of traffic.

“It’s always pleasing when a new trade fair is warmly received, and this was certainly the case with this first edition of Meat Pro Asia,” adds Mr Richard Li, Executive Director, Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd.

The halls were packed every single day with attendees and exhibitors, with many companies to visit and conferences to attend. We managed to meet a lot of these companies, such as Ottevanger, Dr Eckel, PLP Liquid Systems and so many more. We reinforced our relationships with our Global friends and created new ones too.

We also conducted multiple interviews with various companies, ADM’s Vice President of Feed Additives- BK Chew and Famsun’s Director- Liu Guandao along with audible interviews with ADM’s technical sales managers- Gunduz Ilsever and Luiz Souza. You will be able to see these interviews soon on our websites, future editions of International Petfood and our socials.

Next Time

The next VIV Asia will be held in 2025 on March 12 – 14, however the next VIV event will be VIV Nanjing 2023 on 6 -8 September in Nanjing, China. VIV is run by the amazing organisers VNU Worldwide who organise multiple events per year, all of which being successful. VNU will be hosting another event sooner than VIV Nanjing though called Philippine Poultry Show & ILDEX Philippines 2023 on June 7 – 9 in Manila, Philippines.

If you have any reports, press releases or editorial about VIV Asia 2023 that you would like shared then please send it to editorial@perendale.co.uk and we will be happy to share it for you on our websites and social media.

We hope to see you soon at future events…