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AFIA’s virtual petfood conference

AFIA’s virtual petfood conference

The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) announced that registration was now open for its virtual petfood conference, dated 2nd December, 2020.

Topics to be discussed at the conference include the impact of animal proteins and fats on petfood sustainability, training dogs for disease detection, and pet care post-Covid.

The conference marks the 14th annual conference held by AFIA, where it plans to name the recipient of the second Friend of Pet Food Award.

“Covid-19 has changed many things this year, but the one thing it will not change is the need for petfood professionals to come together and see where our industry is going,” Louise Calderwood, AFIA’s director of regulatory affairs says. “The petfood industry has adapted to a new marketplace, and the AFIA Pet Food Conference has topics to assist them with ongoing developments.”

The conference will also feature graduate and undergraduate students presenting their research on issues emerging in the pet industry.

Pre-recorded sessions on domestic and global industry trends, new research on petfood production and ingredient analysis will also be available for participants to view.

For more information, visit AFIA’s website, HERE.


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