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World’s first cell-based meat product has been developed for the petfood market

World’s first cell-based meat product has been developed for the petfood market
Image Credit: Ian Blacker on Flickr (CC by 2.0)
Image Credit: Ian Blacker on Flickr
(CC by 2.0)

US Based Wild Earth has announced the development of the world’s first cell-based meat product on the petfood retail market, which is due to be launched for consumers in 2023.

The cell-based meat product will come in the form of a meat broth topper for dogs, created with the company’s proprietary technology at Wild Earth’s labs in Berkeley, California. Plans to develop this were revealed in 2021, and since, the company has been cultivating beef, chicken, and seafood, utilising the USD $23 million investment they managed to raise previously. The company grew significantly in 2020 after closing a deal with Mark Cuban (Shark Tank) and secured many big-name investors including Paul Wesley.

Wild Earth is a sustainable pet food company, specialising in protein-packed, nutritious, 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free products that simultaneously reduce the harmful effects on the environment within the industry with their sustainable practices. They’ve previously produced a line on koji-based dog food, and plan to feature plant-based dog foods in new flavours at lower retail prices.

Their products are developed by a team of vets and animal food scientists, and contain clean ingredients and healthy formulas that are backed by science. 86 percent of customers reported health improvements after switching to Wild Earth. Among the health improvements reported were higher energy levels, fewer allergies, shinier coat, better digestion, and healthier weight. The ingredients currently used are plant-based proteins (such as chickpeas or yeast), antioxidant-rich fruits, spinach, sweet potato and pumpkin.

“Our pets’ environmental paw print accounts for 30 percent of meat consumed in the US and it doesn’t have to,” explains Wild Earth Co-Founder and CEO, Ryan Bethencourt. “By replacing factory-farmed products with clean, sustainable, cruelty-free cell-based meat we can tackle the issues of low quality and often contaminated meat used for our pets’ food and transform the sustainability of the entire pet food industry.” He added, “Cell-based meat is the future of food for us and our pets, and this development marks an important milestone in our mission to disrupt the pet food industry for the better. We walk the walk when it comes to taking steps to reduce the destructive impact the industry has on our pets’ health and on our environment.”

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