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Toronto-based ‘Dog Child’ launch new cookbook and nutrient mix

Toronto-based ‘Dog Child’ launch new cookbook and nutrient mix
Image Credit: patchattack on Flickr (CC by 2.0)
Image Credit: patchattack on Flickr
(CC by 2.0)

Dog Child has announced the launch of their new dog cookbook and ‘Essential Nutrient Mix’, designed to encourage pet owners to cook their own simple, nutritious dog-food at home.

The aim for Dog Child is to support and empower pet owners with the ability to make home-cooked meals for their pets. The recipes are designed to be convenient and sustainable, incorporating familiar upcycled ingredients.

The recipes include ‘peanut butter banana oatmeal’, ‘shepherds pup pie’, ‘Salmon fried-rice’, ‘Doggy burgers and fries’, protein balls, and other nutritious treats. The company plans to release monthly recipes, partnering with different chefs across North America to turn human meals into dog meals.

The new mix has been formulated to include probiotics and prebiotics, as well as calcium, sweet potato, flaxseed, fish oil, kelp, and other great ingredients to support a dogs balanced diet.

The recipes and mixes are backed by veterinarian advisors Dr. Kristina Bennett-Steward, Dr. Sarah Dodd, and Dr. Paul Dick, as well as animal nutrition consultant, Serge Boutet.

Dog Child is a company focused on improving the quality of life for dogs through homemade meals and nutrient supplements.

“When I started cooking for my dog Charlotte, I was left feeling confused about how to properly cook for her,” says Nicole Marchand, founder and CEO of Dog Child. “Many of the recipes online lacked essential nutrients and the recipes that were nutritionally complete were timing consuming with difficult-to-find ingredients.

“I’m so thrilled to share the Essential Nutrient Mix and cookbook with everyone,” Marchand added. “I hope to inspire new pet parents to start cooking for their loved ones. Dog Child will continue to develop new recipes and products that all support cooking fresh healthy meals for the modern dog.”

The cookbook will be available for download online via the companies website, and the nutrient mix is available on their website and at select independent pet retailers.

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