Home Blog H&H Group expands pet nutrition and care segment with the launch of Zesty Paws in the UK

H&H Group expands pet nutrition and care segment with the launch of Zesty Paws in the UK

H&H Group expands pet nutrition and care segment with the launch of Zesty Paws in the UK

Launched in Florida in 2014, Zesty Paws prioritises innovation to provide high-quality, functional products for both cats and dogs. The company was acquired by H&H Group in August 2021, signalling the Group’s continued expansion into pet health and wellness following its earlier acquisition of Solid Gold in 2020.

The global pet food and supplements market is currently valued at approx. USD 123 billion and is projected to continue its upward trajectory, demonstrating the consumer demand and increasing focus on pet health and wellness across the globe. 

Mike Rondas, CEO for Europe, H&H Group comments, “This UK launch is an exciting first step into European expansion for our pet nutrition and care segment and rings true to our business mission at H&H Group to make people healthier and happier, which extends to our pets and our passion for holistic pet health. We know that Zesty Paws can bring transformative supplementation to pets worldwide, bringing efficacious solutions, powered by branded ingredients and in an easy-to give soft chew format that pets love. With over 330,000 5-star ratings and reviews in the US, Zesty Paws continues to deliver results you can see with ingredients you can trust.

“Looking at the UK specifically, the country has the third largest number of pets following US and China, with 35 percent of UK pet owners agreeing that supplements are the most efficient way of delivering functional benefits to pets, reflecting the desire for these products.

“Following the pet ownership boom which we saw occur during the pandemic, pet ownership continues to persist, alongside a growing demographic of older pets who require specialised products for their senior needs, which Zesty Paws supplements provide.”

Rafi Kalachian, CEO of North America, H&H Group, comments, “We’re thrilled to be expanding our Zesty Paws range into Europe, further realising the company’s vision of being recognised as a global leader for the health and wellness of pets and giving pet parents the tools to optimise their pet’s holistic health.”

The first product to launch in the UK is the best-selling Zesty Paws Mobility Bites in Duck and Bacon flavours, with a wider roll-out to launch throughout the course of the year.

For more information about Zesty Paws visit the website, HERE.


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