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Indian petcare start-up has raised US $500,000 recently in seed funding

Indian petcare start-up has raised US $500,000 recently in seed funding
Image Credit: Daniela on Flickr (CC by 2.0)
Image Credit: Daniela on Flickr
(CC by 2.0)

Goofy tails, a Delhi-based premium pet supplies company that provides nutrition-rich petfood and treats (alongside other supplies such as toys, accessories, petcare and grooming products) has raised US $500,000 in seed funding. 

The direct-to-consumer (D2C) petcare brand company started in 2019, and was founded by Karan Gupta, Kartik Gupta, Kunal Gupta, and Ashish Kaushal. Their latest seed funding round was led by BeyondSeed, and The Chennai Angels along with participation from several independent angel investors.

Goofy tails provides a wide range of petfood options, including wet or dry petfood, bone broth and meals toppers. Their food is made to be a balanced, preservative-free meal. Currently, the petcare brand sells all their products through their own website and online marketplaces like amazon.

Their company ethos emphasises positively changing the ecosystem for animals in India, and with each purchase, has pledged a certain amount of money towards the vaccination of a street dog in India.

The plans for the recently acquired funding include expanding their portfolio with their petfood and accessories range, as well as increasing its market share online. There are also plans to improve their warehouses across the country for faster delivery and enhance the research and development sector. 

The company reported a 200 percent growth across all categories, and founder Kartik Gupta noted that with an increasing demand in India for healthy petfood, competition is high. Their goal is to scale the company three times in the next year and 2.5 subsequent years, and their current plans involve entering other South Asian and European markets over the middle of the next year.

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