Home Blog Recent poll into pet ownership shows pets are considered family members

Recent poll into pet ownership shows pets are considered family members

Recent poll into pet ownership shows pets are considered family members
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Attest, consumer research company, has revealed the results of their research, which was conducted into British pet ownership and spending habits. The results come from polling 400 British working-age pet owners and questioning them on topics such as the kinds of pets they have, how they are treated and what they buy for them.

The survey revealed that the most commonly owned pets are divided between dogs and cats, at 65 percent and 41 percent. 40 percent of those surveyed reported owning one pet, 21 percent own two and 5 percent own three pets. Ownership of other pets proves much less common, with fish making up 11 percent, rabbits 6 percent, rodents 6 percent, birds 3 percent, reptiles 3 percent and horses or donkeys 2 percent.

With regards to how pets are treated by their owners, topics covered were related to sleep, nutrition and inclusivity, revealing a larger trend that with the humanisation of pets and increasing notion that pets are part of our family, they are treated as such. 50 percent reported that pets are allowed to sleep in their owners’ beds, 50 percent purchase premium petfood and 58 percent buy birthday and Christmas gifts for their pets, with 38 percent bringing their pets along with them where possible.

Spending habits saw 40 percent of those polled spending between UK£26-50 on their pets monthly. 19 percent spent UK£51-75, whilst 17 percent spent UK£76-100. It was also revealed that in spite of the e-commerce boom attributed to the pandemic and closure of non-essential shops, most preferred to visit the pet store or supermarket to buy food, treats and equipment. Food is a weekly purchase, whilst treats are bought less regularly and equipment every few months.

Jeremy King, CEO and Founder of Attest, says, “This research confirms what we already know; pets are important family members. Brits make a significant effort to make animals feel a part of everyday life – from birthday celebrations to home-cooked food and regular outings.”

The research can be utilised by those in the pet industry in terms of opportunity, Mr King explains. “Brits’ love of their furry friends presents major opportunities especially for bricks and mortar outlets given that the majority of pet owners make their purchases there.”

For more information on Attest visit their website, HERE.


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