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Packaged Fact’s report reveals food safety imperative in petfood and other trends

57 percent of dog owners and 55 percent of cat owners agree that ‘fear of pet food contamination/product safety is a key consideration in the dog foods/cat foods I buy’, while more than 60 percent of dog and cat owners agree that they are concerned about the safety of the petfood, treats, and chews they buy.

Published in 2019, Packaged Fact’s report ‘Pet Food in the U.S., 14th edition’ reveals the pressure currently being put on manufacturers and marketers for food safety to be a top priority in the production of petfood. It also provided insights into the challenges faced by petfood marketers, such as plateauing sales growth due to superpremium price increases.

As a positive impact on the market, the report revealed millennial pet owners are willing to pay more for quality products in particular sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients. It mentioned specialised diets for the ageing pet population and freshly made petfood.

The report also aims to highlight consumer purchase patterns and product and brand preferences for dog and cat owners, and also trends in marketing and new product development.

The report can be read on Packaged Fact’s website, HERE.



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