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Darling Ingredients acquires largest Brazilian rendering company


Darling Ingredients recently entered into an agreement to purchase Brazil’s largest independent rendering company, FASA Group, for RS$2.8 billion.

FASA Group currently processes more than 1.3 million tonnes annually through 14 rendering plants with a further two plants under construction and a workforce of 2400 employees. Its rendering provides for main feedmeal producers in poultry, swine, fish and petfood industries – including meat and bone meal, bovine tallow, blood meal and others – alongside hygiene and beauty in Brazil.

Darling Ingredients is the largest publicly traded company which is turning food waste into sustainable products and utilising it as renewable energy. The company currently operates 250 plants in 17 countries and repurposes almost 10 percent of the world’s meat industry waste stream into value added products, including green energy, renewable diesel, fertilizer, as well as animal proteins, meals, and petfood ingredients.

“Brazil is a leader in global agricultural commodities growth and is expected to take on a bigger role in world’s meat production, making it a premier location for rendering growth,” explains Chairman and CEO Darling Ingredients, Randall C. Stuewe. “FASA will also supplement Darling Ingredient’s global supply of waste fats, making it a leader in the supply of low carbon waste fats and oils in North and South America to be used in the production of renewable diesel.”

Established in 1882, Darling Ingredients has been utilising co-products of the meat industry in petfood ingredients. The company has a portfolio of over 60 animal proteins, fats and minerals designed to improve the formulation of petfood recipes, sustainably.

This news follows on from Darling Ingredients’ acquisition of Valley Proteins, one of the largest rendering companies in the US. This resulted in the acquisition of 18 major rendering plants and used cooking oil facilities.

The agreement is expected to close by the end of 2022.

For more information on Darling Ingredients visit their website, HERE.



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