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Global Food Ingredients completes work on split pea processing facility


Global Food Ingredients (GFI) has completed work on their state-of-the-art pea splitting facility located at its plant-based ingredient processing complex in Zealandia, Saskatchewan, Canada.

The facility has capabilities of processing over 60,000 tonnes of yellow and green peas into split peas and pea fibre annually. The location of the facility proves important, as, critically, it is ideally situated to use Zealandia’s rail, container and truck options to ship finished product to international markets.

The facility utilises advanced steam-based technology to produce quality and efficiency that reduces water usage alongside recycling heat, to result in a process with a reduced environmental impact. This is comparing it with older technologies.

By-products produced during the pea-splitting process will be used in the company’s petfood ingredients production process at its facility in Alberta, to create a zero-waste process to maximise value creation.

GFI offers a range of plant-based petfoods which include ground peas, ground lentils and ground beans, among others, using pulses that are grown in North America. Pulses are highly attractive petfood ingredients because of their antioxidant properties, wide availability and low cost to processors.

The company has explained that its plant-based petfoods have been created in awareness of consumers that are beginning to demand more sustainable ingredients in petfood.

“Our new pea splitting facility is a cornerstone to GFI’s plant-based ingredients strategy, using
leading edge technology to provide top quality split peas to food markets, while also providing
inputs for our petfood ingredients business,” explains David Hannah, CEO of GFI. “Connecting our business lines and maximising margins while eliminating waste.”

GFI has launched and is marketing its split peas under its North Lily wholesale brand, which offer premium and ultra-premium quality standards.

For more information on Global Food Ingredients visit their website, HERE.



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