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TruDog brand from Better Choice integrated with its Halo line


Pet health and wellness company Better Choice Company recently announced the completion of integrating its TruDog brand under the broader Halo product portfolio. At the same time, it announced the launch of a full line of Halo branded freeze-dried raw meals, treats, chews and toppers designed to meet the needs of its customers.

“We are proud to announce that the gradual sunset and integration of the TruDog brand underneath the broader Halo umbrella has occurred on schedule, with no disruptions in our ability to supply loyal TruDog customers and subscribers,” explains Scott Lerner, CEO of Better Choice Company. “We have received very positive feedback from a number of legacy TruDog customers and have already observed an increase in the purchase of Halo Holistic and Halo Elevate kibble by this same customer cohort.”

Advocating for freeze-dried raw products, the company explained that the benefits are numerous, including the preservation of natural flavour and nutrition, 100 percent protein derived from animal sources, an excellent source of energy, the digestion boost from natural fibres and the support of muscle development and maintenance.

“The transition of the TruDog to Halo couldn’t come at a better time as it allows our direct-to-consume platform to benefit fully from the launch of our multi-million dollar media campaign and newly revamped consumer website,” adds Mr Lerner. “We are looking forward to exploring the opportunity to expand the Halo Freeze-Dried Raw into other channels … now they are sold underneath the broader Halo brand.”

The new Halo campaign, which was launched last month, aims to celebrate and empower pet owners or ‘pet parenthood’, as the company has termed it. Consumers will be targeted through a number of different platforms, with the additional aim to drive traffic to Better Choice’s retail partners such as Petco, Pet Supplies Plus and other neighbourhood pet stores.

The new Halo Elevate brand is available at pet retailers including Pet Supplies Plus, which has 600 locations across the US and is growing.

For more information on Better Choice Company visit their website, HERE.



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