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Biorigin’s promotion of functional and clean label ingredients in petfood

The trends in petfood follow more and more those of human consumption. With the growing humanisation of pets it has become evident that pet owners seek for their pets food with appeals similar to those that they seek for themselves. 

According to Alessandro Lima, Biorigin’s Feed Global Manager, the main trends in dog and cat foods for 2020 follow the claims in evidence in human food market.

“Greater transparency, sustainability and ethically-sourced ingredients, clean label ingredients and free from claims, personalization and functional  snacks  are  the  key petfood  industry drives,” says Lima.  Biorigin  develops  and  produces  natural solutions for the health and well-being of people, pets and animals.

“Our commitment is to increase the value of products to our clients. Our natural solutions add the functionality, benefits and food safety  demanded  by  the  pet  owner  and  are interesting  tools  for  pet food  manufacturers  to differentiate and segment the products according to specific needs, age groups, races, etc. We have high-protein solutions that improve the attractiveness of food, and which promote gut and immune health,” adds Lima.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira, Technical Manager of Biorigin’s Pet line explains that the company’s key  product  within  this  segment  is  MacroGard.  

“MacroGard  acts  on  the  natural defenses,  balancing  their  action  and  contributing  to pet resistance, well being. Studies  conducted  with  MacroGard  have  shown  positive effects in dogs suffering from different conditions, such as atopic dermatitis, osteoarthritis and obesity.”

Biorigin’s products are 100 percent natural, clean label, GMO Free, GMP+, 100 percent safe, since it guarantees the traceability of the entire production process from the raw material, and they are also sustainable. 

For more information on Biorigin visit their website, HERE.



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