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Controlling industrial odour emission in petfood plants with Aerox

Controlling industrial odour emission in petfood plants with Aerox
Control of Industrial Odor Emission in Pet Food plants

Aerox supplies long-term total odour control solutions for global industries. We help our clients reduce their emissions to comply with industrial and government laws.

The Aerox-Injector eliminates odours produced in industrial processes and is recognized by governments and companies in the sector as ‘Best Available Technology’.

A reduction of malodours of up to 95 percent and a unique technique for eliminating odors from humid air processes, have been an easy choice for multiple world market leaders.

A dedicated environmental approach

Since odours are more of a nuisance than a political issue or an environmental problem, it is high on the priorities of companies in all sectors. Corporate image and social responsibility are essential to the status and success of companies today, managers are willing to invest in technologies to combat such nuisances.

The Aerox®-Injector is specifically designed with the environment in mind. The injector does not require water, chemicals or fuel to operate.

Thanks to its unique active oxygen technology, which is based on the principle of passing air between specially prepared cathodes and anodes, all it requires is a relatively small amount of electricity. In addition, the Aerox Service program guarantees that all consumables are completely recycled: respectful with the environment.

Advantages of the Aerox-Injector

– Without fuel
– Without gas
– Without water
– No chemicals
– Without residues

Leading in the control of odours

The main objective of our efforts is to eliminate bad odours resulting from your production processes at ground level. The basis of our technology is the Aerox-Injector, a small unit attached to the outside of the process gas outlet duct that injects ‘active oxygen’ into it. It oxidises smelly molecules, making them imperceptible to the human nose.

Thus, through the Aerox®-Injector, your neighbors will enjoy clean air. Aerox has the experience and knowledge of the sources and compositions of bad odors from many industries as well as the knowledge of their respective production processes. This allows a careful determination of the complexity of each specific situation and the best possible solution. Aerox will reduce your plant’s odour emissions to acceptable levels and often even eliminate them simultaneously.

Non-thermal plasma technology

The Aerox-Injector is a non-thermal plasma unit located outside the process gas line. Clean ambient air is used to generate the oxygen radicals, which are injected into the exhaust air flow, oxidising the odor molecules present and thus rendering them harmless.

Overall advantages

  • Extremely effective odour control
  • Injection allows treating large volumes of process air
  • Low cost of ownership
  • No need for water, gas, or chemicals. Without residue
  • Best Available Technology (B.A.T.)

Controlling bad odours in industry

Aerox, inventor of non-thermal plasma injection malodor control technology, has 25 years of proven experience in malodour control in multiple industry sectors. The list of specific industries continues to grow.

Truly durable odour control solutions require advanced, custom-made technology. The best way to control bad odours is to study each specific case. Obviously, the starting point of any solution that Aerox supplies is the origin of the production process and the resulting bad odours.

Other factors such as the climate, the geographic situation and government legislation are studied in situ in each specific case.

Furthermore, each Aerox-Injector unit is adjusted during commissioning by a suitably qualified Aerox engineer.

For more information visit Aerox’s website, HERE.


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