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Essential nutrients for companion animals

They’re our walking partners, service pets, and loyal friends. They’re our children’s secret keepers, snugglebugs, and playmates. They’re our front door greeters and unofficial therapists. They support and bring joy to our uniformed men and women abroad and at home. They are, in the fullest sense of the word, our companions, and that’s why we work so hard to make sure they get the nutrients they require—and deserve—for exceptional health and wellbeing.

Trace minerals, including zinc, manganese, and iron, are often referred to as micronutrients. Although they are required only in small daily amounts, they play an essential role in numerous metabolic functions. When fed as part of a well-balanced diet, trace minerals provide dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, ferrets, and guinea pigs with multiple benefits, including skin and coat quality, growth and development, reproductive performance, paw pad integrity, and energy metabolism.

With Zinpro Performance Minerals in a companion animal’s diet, you’ll see a visible difference in the health and appearance of your walking partner, your service pet, your child’s best friend—companions that are essential to our own wellbeing and happiness.

The difference is noticeable

As trace minerals with the highest biological efficacy on the market, Zinpro Performance Minerals® allow companion animals to absorb more of these trace minerals to receive their full benefit.

With the addition of Zinpro Performance Minerals to food, treat, and supplement formulations, you’ll see a noticeable difference in the health and appearance of companion animals, such as:

  • Health & Wellbeing

Zinc, manganese, copper, and selenium have been shown to enhance and support immune function, including antioxidant activity to remove free radicals and protect cell membranes

  • Skin & Coat Quality

Zinc and manganese facilitate wound healing and skin integrity through improved epithelial production and repair, and they, in addition to iron, are important factors in optimal coat, hair length, and shine

  • Paw Pad Integrity & Healing

Zinc and manganese have been shown to aid in keratin synthesis for toenail hardness, antioxidant activity to protect cell membranes, and cell division for paw pad growth and repair

  • Growth & Development

Zinc is shown to improve skeletal soundness, manganese plays a vital role in bone matrix development and joint maintenance and repair, and iron contributes to overall growth and development

  • Reproductive Performance

Manganese has been shown to aid reproductive hormone production, while research shows zinc improves reproductive performance in both males and females

  • Energy Metabolism

Zinc, manganese, and iron contribute to energy metabolism, including carbohydrate, lipid, protein, and nucleic acid metabolism

For more information on Zinpro visit their website, HERE.



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