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Evermore attain G.A.P certification

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Evermore Pet Food have announced they have attained Global Animal Partnership (G.A.P) certification for all their poultry formulas and products.

Evermore Pet Food is a US-based pet food company, founded in 2009, aimed at providing the best nutritious, sustainable and ethically sourced dog food, without sacrificing animal welfare. They were one of the first companies to make a frozen-fresh, human-grade pet food. 

Their principles involve transparency and accountability for sourcing their ingredients, evident in them adopting a ‘Better Chicken Commitment’ earlier this year. The ‘Better Chicken Commitment’ is a set of standards for broiler welfare, driven by consumer preferences for quality, ethically sourced meat, that strives to demonstrate companies commitment to animal welfare, sustainability and food safety.

G.A.P offers a comprehensive framework to ensure continuous improvement in farmed animal welfare. Since the legal definition for ‘humane’ and ‘humanely raised’ is subjective (which is often not cohesive with what the consumer would consider humane treatment), G.A.P researches animal welfare to create guidelines for human farming standards that abide by defined chain of custody protocols. G.A.P will then audit farms every 15 months, to verify they are complying with these standards. The basic standards for becoming G.A.P certified involve striving for animals to have a natural environment, outdoor access, be pasture-raised, and have spent their entire life on the farm. The regulations are based on the latest agricultural scientific research and aim to be achievable and practical to apply.

Evermore Pet Food has sourced G.A.P certified poultry since 2015, and now has solidified its commitment to animal welfare by providing transparency and accountability to the poultry they source for their dog food, ultimately elevating the standards for the pet food industry by creating awareness and effecting change.

For more information, click HERE.



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