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Extruder for maximising production of fish feed and petfood

The extruder OEE NG from Amandus Kahl has set about capturing the market for the production of petfood and aquafeed of the highest quality.

German machine manufacturer Amandus Kahl has been manufacturing a new extruder for the production of aquafeed and petfood since 2019. The extruder OEE 25 NG (New Generation) was introduced onto the market with a screw diameter of 250mm and a resulting capacity of up to 10t/h. The 2020 series will be expanded by two extruders with screw diameters of 200mm and 150mm for smaller production volumes.

New equipment and technology level

After more than 20 years of experience with extrusion machines, customers now receive a completely new extruder to meet the growing demands in the production of aquafeed and petfood. During the design phase, the focus was on producing a user-friendly machine with new performance standards.

A double-jointed connection enables a fast tool and knife change. The design was also a focal point – the extruder OEE NG is manufactured with a frame-mounted touch screen to control all relevant operating data, settings and options even during operation. The machine also features the proven Kahl stop bolt technology for successful mixing and venting in the first cylinder section. Special process zones for compaction, cooking and kneading ensure high flexibility and a wide range of adjustment options. The Kahl extruder can also be ideally adapted to changing formulae.

Fine control measures, such as the possibility of adjusting the screw speed, adding steam or water to the extruder barrel or individually adjustable heating and cooling jackets have also been taken into account in the design. A comparison of the screw diameters of both Kahl extruders clearly shows an increase in throughput: Thus, a capacity range of 10t/h is achieved in large industrial applications.

Advantages and options of Kahl machines

The already mentioned fast knife and die change provides high efficiency. Furthermore, the possibility to change the distance between knife and die during operation allows for a flexible definition of the desired extrudate size.

Amandus Kahl produces the requested machine as a single unit or turnkey extrusion line. In both cases, no expensive additional equipment is required to influence the expansion behaviour. This saves not only investment costs, but also operating costs. Amandus Kahl defines the specific project together with the customer and finds the most suitable solution for a successful production.

Apart from the actual extrusion, turnkey extrusion lines include all process steps such as grinding and mixing of the components. Steam conditioning, drying, coating, cooling and packaging are also performed by machines from Amandus Kahl.

For more information on Amandus Kahl visit their website, HERE.



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