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Increasing shelf life with innovative packaging technology

Statec Binder tells the story of Connolly’s Red Mills and their relationship, as Connolly’s choose to package their equine and petfood with Statec Binder machines.

Connolly’s is a family business and was founded in 1908. Its business is divided into three sections: petfood, agriculture, and equine feed. The company specialises in the feed for racehorses.

“As the export business grew, so did the challenge of how to get beyond the island of Ireland. Since the climate in Ireland is damp, we struggled with the shelf life of the product when we went into warmer climates. STATEC BINDER was the company we were closest aligned with, so we discussed this challenge with Josef Lorger,” Joe Connolly explains, the CEO of Connolly’s Red Mills.

Since the 1990s, Connolly’s have chosen Statec Binder machines to package their food on offer. As the company expanded, they faced the issue of the shelf life of equine feed being limited to a few months, with the need to extend it. This was a problem jointly solved by Connolly’s and Statec Binder, as they introduced nitrogen fumigation during filling.

Statec Binder’s system-F, a vertical FFS packaging machine, helped to increase the shelf life of Connolly’s products by developing a special system to provide nitrogen fumigation during filling. This results in the reduction of the oxygen level in the filled bag, thereby increasing the shelf life.

Connolly’s bag film has also been developed, as the multi-layer film ensures this vacuum in the bag is maintained and oxygen can’t enter. Michael Connolly, the Director of Business Development elaborates:

“Statec Binder’s contribution to our company was unique … More specifically concerning the shelf life issues that we were facing in our export markets … Customers can now buy our products with a real shelf life of 26 months and the products are now delivered across 76 countries.”

For more information, visit Statec Binder’s website, HERE.



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