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New lamb bone broth range released from Karnlea

New bone broth. Image credit: Karnlea

Bone broth producer Karnlea is extending its bone broth range with the introduction of a new flavour next month, “lip-licking lamb.” Lamb was picked as a high-collagen alterative to its beef flavour and was the first ambient liquid bone broth to appear on UK shelves earlier this year.

It was also chosen for its digestible properties, as a protein that supports pet gut, skin, coat and joint health in cats and dogs. It is made from 100 percent natural ingredients and is slow cooked fr 14 hours in order to extract high levels of protein, collagen and materials.

The lamb bone broth is made up from three ingredients: lamb bones, water and apple cider vinegar. Lamb ingredients are sourced from antibiotic and hormone free, grass-fed animals.

It has a variety of uses in pet nutrition including serving it as a liquid, chilling for use as a jelly topper, frozen into treats or used in home cooking. Because it’s carton packed from fresh, it keeps high levels of essential nutrients which can often be lost when processing concentrated or powdered collagen supplements.

Karnlea founder Lara McCullough said lamb was an “obvious choice” when extending the range.

“Like beef, it has high collagen levels, is gentle on the stomach, easy to digest and highly palatable,” she explains. “It contains a large amount of amino acids essential to pet health, including lysine which helps boost immunity and methionine to relieve allergies.”

One important motivation behind picking lamb is that it will provide an alternative for pets that cannot eat beef or as a tasty alternative for pets that prefer lamb.

Presented in heat-sealed cartons, each unit contains 500ml of bone broth with a retail price of UK£10.99.

For more information on Karnlea visit their website, HERE.



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