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Kormotech aims to ‘Save Pets of Ukraine’

“Our four-legged friends are like children. They also need to be saved from the war” – those are the words of Kormotech, a petfood manufacturer that has three plants across two countries including Ukraine, where the scale of the catastrophe is enormous.

Civilian casualties, refugees, destruction of homes and infrastructure, blockages of supply chains for basic food and water, with owners and their pets becoming completely cut off. A lot of pets remain abandoned in the streets, and shelters are on the verge of collapse.

According to the operational headquarters of Kormotech, production and shipment in Ukraine were suspended on the morning of February 24, 2022 following the start of hostilities.

Since then, the company is coordinating its efforts to save pets and has created the initiative ‘Save Pets of Ukraine’. Kormotech is achieving this by identifying the problems of pet owners, zoo volunteers and shelters and help them meet their needs.

At the moment the company is helping with its own facilities and stock, but very soon it will need financial and physical assistance from abroad. 

What Kormotech are doing: 

1. Identify problems of animal owners, zoo volunteers and shelters

2. Help them by solving their problems physically and informationally 

3. Involve the external funding to cooperate with partners

4. Support and cover informationally the scale of the catastrophe to increase the pressure on the players of the Russian petcare to stop the war

5. Lobbying for amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Humanitarian Aid” in terms of granting the status of humanitarian aid to include pet products. 

If you are ready to support the company informationally, or help financially, please fill the form found HERE.



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